Meet The Cast

Meet The Cast

Bates Wilder as Dutch Wilder

Dutch Wilder was born in Virginia to immigrant parents. Dutch moved away and became a landowner as well as a married man. Him and his wife had a child; a little girl. When the war broke out in 1861 Dutch remained neutral calling it the “Rich’s Man’s War”. Then during the conscription of 1862, Dutch joined the Confederacy. One night, while Dutch was away at war, a band of Natives torched his house, while his wife and child were sleeping, burning them alive. Dutch was left with no family and no home. When the war ended, he and fellow soldier, who he met in the Confederacy, became focused on one primary goal, money. The two rode West to strike it rich, but soon discovered the area dried up. Over the years Dutch recruited new ruffians alike himself to his gang and together they began to work as mercenaries. They became known for robbing from the wealthy. As time passed Dutch’s realized his life spinning out of control, he became a man he no longer recognized.  Dutch Wilder became a wanted man, and him and his ragtag group of misfit outlaws became known as the Dutch Wilder Gang.

Tanajsia Slaughter as Dowanhowee

Dowanhowee and her family lived on the grass plains and migrated with the buffalo. She has heard of new settlers coming in and taking land, but still has not seen any of them. Until, one day a group of masked men ride through her village and kill everyone, even her little girl. Dowanhowee herself is shot and left for dead. Dowanhowee awakens and finds all of her family dead. She has heard of another tribe deep within the Black Wood Forest, so she takes only what she needs to survive and journey across the unknown land to find a new tribe.

George Thomas Mansel as Lester Smith

 Lester Smith’s childhood is unknown. He joined the Confederate Army in 1861 where he met and became friends with Dutch Wilder and his brother. Lester was known for causing trouble, as he can be a loose canon, Dutch was the only one that could keep in line. Under Dutch’s supervision, Lester kept his head and cool until the war ended. Dutch is Lester’s only friend, so after the war he accompanied him west to look for gold. They tried their hand at searching for gold but they were having very little luck. They needed to find a faster and more guaranteed source of income. So the Lester and Dutch became thieves and started stealing from the wealthy. Along the way, the two of them and the newly joined men became known as the Dutch Wilder Gang.

Stelio Savante as Henri DeFago

 At a young age Henri DeFago traveled across the big blue from France by himself.  As he grew up he became an avid learner of the land and the native people. He soon became a scout for the U.S. government. He remained in this position for many years until he was hired to guide a group of military men across Indian Territory. One day they came across a small band of natives and opened fire unjustifiably killing them all. Henri left left without looking back. When the war broke out in 1861 Henri refused to join a side and went to Minnesota where he became a farmer for a brief time. With no family and no financial stability, during the summer of 1866 was hard for Henri. He met a man in the nearest town name Dutch Wilder. Dutch promised him riches and a place within his little ragtag family.  With his crops nearly dead already, Henri went back home, set fire to his farm and joined the Dutch Wilder Gang.

Andrew Stecker as Oryen Roberts

Oryen Roberts was raised by his aunt in New York until she died in 1855. Oryen was forced out onto the streets where he lived for the next two years. Oryen then joined a group of pioneers travelling to Illinois. Arriving with no money and having no experience with a gun, Oryen began his petty crime of pick pocketing and stealing. One day an outlaw rode into town and Oryen decided to try and pickpocket him. He was immediately caught and Oryen soon discovered who the outlaw was, it was Dutch Wilder. Dutch saw value in Oryen and gave two choices, either take a bullet or join his group. Oryen being a coward, without hesitation, joined Dutch.

Nicholas Schultz as Edward Littleton

Edward’s family were settlers trying to make there way West to California. Ignoring everyone’s  warnings on traveling the wild land alone, the Littleton family decided to take their chances and left. Not long after they crossed into Indian Territory, Edwards’ family was killed by raiding Indians. Edward hid a family trunk as the massacre occurred. When the men left, Oryen opened the lid and found his slain family and all the horses stolen. He had no clue where he was or where to go. After days of walking across the dry land during the hottest time of the summer, Edward almost died of heat exhaustion and dehydration. Nearing his deathbed, he saw a man in black ride up to him. The man nursed Edward back to life and offered a part in his group. This man was Dutch Wilder.

Casey BirdInGround as Two Feathers

Two Feathers grew up in Indian Territory. He was a brave warrior who counted coup numerous times. As the white men started to invade his people’s territory he fought back killing everyone who threaten his way of life. As time went on, more and more settlers began to illegally take their land. The government sought a deal with his tribe and offered them land in an area called a Reservation, in exchange for their land. Two Feathers was ready to fight, but his elders decided to save the lives of their people and take the deal. This made Two Feather’s furious and one night in crept into the Elder’s tipi’s and slit their throats. He felt they had betrayed his people. He fled from his home and soon found himself amidst the group of the Dutch Wilder Gang.

Kara Rainer as Sally Pickerton

 Sally Pickerton was an only child born into a wealthy landowning family in New York. She grew up with the teaching of if you want something then you go and get it no matter what it takes. Sally did not want to live under the shadow of her father so she found her own way to make a living. She became involved with high end real estate investments, and soon began to acquire large portions of land. Not only is Sally intelligent, she also has the cunningness to make politicians, businessmen, and even outlaws do favors for her. These favors will help pave the path for her to be the wealthiest female east of the Mississippi.

Brian Nelson as Sheriff Clarke Johnson

Grew up in Pennsylvania where his father was a Sheriff. One day a group of outlaws shot down his father in cold blood. Once of age, Clarke stepped up and became Sheriff, taking over his dad’s old job. As civilization kept growing and expanding, Clarke begin to loathe the “new way” of life. Never able to have kids, he took his wife West and settled outside of a little town known as Coyote Junction where he became the first Sheriff of the town with a population of 10. After time, he realized that escaping the expansion of the west soon became futile as the railroad company built a track leading through the town. Over the years Sheriff Clarke has become known as a short-tempered but fair man.